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Casino Party Setup Guidelines

Entertainment takes various forms, and the one that offers the highest level of fun remains questionable even today. Casino games have always been in the top positions for a long time because millions of people around the world consider the tables and machines as their portal to escape from daily stresses. These games are being organized for family and corporate gatherings as well. Such events are being widely organized as fundraisers or for pure fun. Although plenty of casino parties are being held at homes and hotels, the organizers gloss over an important point.

Not many people aren’t aware that casino parties have certain guidelines that need to be followed to set up an eventful night. The questions such as “How many tables and machines can be used for our party” keep popping up on the event’s eve. In order to follow the guidelines properly, you need to the number of guests likely to come over for the game night. Here are some of the casino party setup guidelines you have to follow when organizing an event.

Space Requirements for the Game Night

A chart covering all the guidelines of a game night has been provided to check each factor. The hotels or authorities will offer on-site evaluations if the guests attending are more than 100. The hall’s space has to accommodate the tables, dealers, guests, bars, and food stalls. Having a floor plan will help you gain a better understanding of the placement of tables and machines. The staff can help you organize the event by placing the equipment in the right spot. You can expect many services from the hotel staff. For tables games like roulette, poker, and blackjack, around 80 square feet is required per table. On the other hand, a craps table will require approximately 100 square feet. Each slot machine will need around 10 square feet, and it can be placed against a wall or into a kiosk.

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Guidelines for the Number of Players

Each game will have a different set of rules to be followed. Blackjack or poker tables can accommodate only 7 players. Texas Hold’em is a poker variation, but it can have up to 9 players on the table. Roulette and money wheel also can accommodate not more than seven players. Craps are divided into two- small craps and large craps. Small craps will allow for a table of up to 10 players, whereas the large craps table can accommodate around 12-14 players.

Calculate the number of players and the space available to find the number of tables to rent. According to the previous casino nights’ organizers, around 70% of the guests will indulge in a game. The others may find their comfortable space in the dance halls, auctions, or other interactive sessions. As per the chart provided for the guidelines of setting up tables for casino nights, more than two craps and roulette tables cannot be set up for even the events with more than 270 guests. Blackjack tables, on the other hand, can range between 1-20 based on the number of guests.