Terminology of casinos

Terminology to Learn for a Casino

If you’re thinking about joining a casino, then there is some terminology that you must know before you go. It’s pretty important that you do. Yes, the casino has its own lingo, so to speak. You need to learn what the casino terminology means, so you don’t get caught up, and do something wrong, accidentally.

Some common terminology that you might hear while in the casino are: pokies, cage, face cards, bankroll, buy-in, double or nothing, whale, and the list goes on. Let’s explain what some of this means, so you can be prepared for your trip to the casino.

Casino Terms


What do pokies mean? It is the word used in reference to gaming, or gambling machines. You know, slot machines. That’s what pokies are. Everyone wants to sit and play at the best pokie. This is the term that gamblers dubbed slot machines, which is pretty understandable. Most people like to play the pokies.


Next, we have the term cage. What does cage mean inside the casino you may be wondering? Cage refers to the cashier area of the casino. Gamblers gave it this term as well. You will have to visit the cage in the casino, to get cash off your card, or to cash in, or even get any poker chips. The cage is an extremely important part of the casino, and cannot be forgotten.


Now, if you’re playing cards, you will definitely hear about face cards. You might already know what this term means, but just in case you don’t I will tell you. Face cards are what people call the Jack, Queen, and King cards, seeing as those three cards all have a face. That’s how face cards got their nickname. When playing cards face cards can make, or break you. They’re an essential part of card games and are usually preferred to have.


Do you know what the term bankroll stands for in casino slang? Bankroll is the amount of money that either a casino or you, has to play with. It’s the maximum amount of money that anyone player, or person, has to play with. It’s their bankroll. You definitely don’t want to drop your bankroll on your first game, as soon as you walk inside the casino. That could lead to the shortest casino trip ever. Don’t bet your bankroll, unless you’re confident enough that you will win the game.

Buy In

Do you find yourself wondering what a buy-in could be at the casino? Must sound a little confusing, buying in at the casino? A buy-in is a minimum amount that must be spent in order to play around at the table or even the slot machine, or should I say pokie. In order to play games like blackjack, poker, texas hold ’em, and other card games such as these, you have to buy into each game. That’s your minimum bet. You can add on to your bet as the round goes on if you think your hand has the potential to win. However, a buy-in is what it costs to be able to play the round. It’s your buy-in amount.

Double or Nothing

Do you know what double or nothing means in the casino? It basically means you are doubling your bet that you will win, or you will literally win nothing at all. Say you won some money, but you’re feeling pretty good, and on the next bet you say double or nothing, and you lose. That means you lost all of the money that you had won, and that was on the table in action. If you had won, then you would have two times the amount of money that you was betting, which could lead to amazing amounts of money. When betting double or nothing, make sure you know what you’re doing when you say, or do it.


Have you ever heard of a whale in the casino? Seems kind of wild, I know. A whale in casino terminology means a high roller. A whale in the casino means that person has a lot of money to spend and is spending it while there. If you’re a high roller, then you definitely want to be set apart from everyone else. They gamble with large, obscene, amounts of money when they go to the casino. The casino also offers them very alluring comps because of this. It’s to entice them to come to spend their money, and it usually works. So, if you hear of a whale being in a casino, you know what they mean now.

Hopefully, you can see why knowing casino terminology is so important, and maybe have a better understanding of what some of the terminologies mean. These are some of the commonly used words that I listed above, you may hear even more while there. Just a simple internet search will help you out if you need to know what a word means. When you go to the casino, remember to play safe, and fun.