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Five Tips for Playing Blackjack Online

When the topic comes to online gambling, there is a multitude of games that players enjoy. Many of these, in the same style as traditional casino gambling, consist of card games. Some of the most common games are Texas Hold ‘Em, Five Card Stud or Black Jack. Also called Twenty One, Black Jack has been […]

Great Casino Games for Beginners

Walking into a casino for the very first time can be quite overwhelming. You get numb for a moment; the bright flashing lights, bells ringing from the slot machines, crowd playing and enjoying casino games. It becomes too much to comprehend all these at once. So then, where do you start? Deciding what game to […]

Casino Party Rental Tips

When you plan to set up a party at your house for your friends, a lot of factors have to be considered. Theme plays the most crucial role in the spirit of a party, and without any such significant element, the night can turn out to be bland. People with different tastes might come over for the party; so, you need to incorporate fun activities that engage all guests. ‘Casino’ itself is an excellent theme with several added benefits such as food and various forms of entertainment. The theme doesn’t stick to the walls alone; the ambiance is set in such a way that everyone gets to escape into a luxurious casino. Let us look at some casino party rental tips that can help you organize all the party’s necessary items with ease.

Space for the Party

Playing your favorite games with friends should be the party’s aim, and it will surely accompany other elements such as food and other fun activities. If you want to set up a perfect party for your huge group of buddies, vast space is required. To accommodate all the guests, you will need halls in a hotel or club. If you have enough space at home, it would be great to throw one within that comfortable space. However, since the noise and crowds could disturb the neighbors, it is best to rent a huge space at a hotel or club.

On-site evaluation with a detailed floor plan of the event space has to be acquired before booking it. Make sure all guests, tables, and other equipment can fit in that hall. Hotel staff can help you with the placement of tables and slot machines. Poker, blackjack, and roulette are games with tables that will require a space of around 80 square feet per table, and for craps, each table will require 100 square feet. A slot kiosk can be used to place a slot machine, or you can simply rest it against a wall. Each machine will require about 10 square feet. So, calculate the space you have for each game and find the number of machines and tables you require.

Look for the Number of Tables

Enough game positions must be available on the table for the guests to have access to all games. The roulette tables and blackjack tables can serve around seven guests, whereas the craps table can serve up to 14 guests. Slot machines can serve only one guest at a time, meaning you will need more slot machines since they are easy to play. The number of tables and machines you require will depend on the number of guests you have and the availability of other interesting activities like foodservice, dancing, and auctions. If you are offering such extra activities, the tables could be less crowded. However, around 70% of the guests are likely to play casino games at least one time. So rent tables accordingly from the companies offering the best deals.


Apart from the hall and tables, you will need decorations and food and beverages. Check with the hotel if they are offering food services or arrange some caterer. Decorations, cards, and coins can either be bought or rented based on your propensity to throw more parties in the future.

5 Tips for Hosting a Successful Casino Night

Casino nights can be a lot of fun when held for family gatherings or corporate events. The charm of casino games is popular worldwide since the card and dice games offer multiple opportunities to win money. All such games hold a special element, which can be felt only when you invest your time playing any of them. These can also be hosted as fundraisers, helping many corporates to collect money for their future projects or charity. When the event is organized with close similarity to a night at a real casino, the employees will have a lot of fun. Let us look at a few tips to host the perfect casino night.


1. Early Planning and Budgeting

Casino-themed parties can be expensive to set up if you don’t have a proper plan. You need to start taking the first step to organizing the event at least three or four weeks prior to the game night. Since the day will constitute of several activities, you need to plan everything so that nothing works haphazardly at the last moment. While planning for the casino night, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind is the need to set a budget. By having a rough idea of your expenses for the night, you can decide on the types in the bulk order of food and beverages. Also, factors such as decoration, gifts, and games offered can be organized based on the money you have.

2. Dealers for the Games

Real dealers need to be hired when organizing a casino night. You or anyone else who is fairly good at blackjack or poker cannot be dealing cards to the players on the table. Professional dealers who have been in the field for more than two or three years must be hired. By having certified dealers for the game, you can ensure the correct progress.

3. Rent Equipment for the Games

Poker night at home with your friends or family will be more casual, meaning you might not need a table or equipment for the night. But when you organize a casino night for your employees, you must ensure an authentic atmosphere with real gaming equipment. Slot machines, roulette tables, and chips are some of the most important things to rent.

4. The Theme for the Night

You may be confused to hear the need for a theme when the night is already filled with casino elements. A step further for the event in terms of the theme can infuse the night with more action and surprises. Bringing an atmosphere similar to that of a Vegas casino will surely set the spirits dancing in joy. Make the night a black-tie affair to add more glamor to the event.


5. Foods and Beverages

In corporate events and fundraisers, a sit-down meal is the most common food served. However, casino nights need to have either passing appetizers or a buffet. The latter will allow the guests to have their meal when they are hungry and free to eat. Passing around drinks on the table will be the authentic way of serving beverages.

How to Create a Casino Version of Family Game Night

Board games used to be the main source of entertainment for everyone in the last decade. However, technology has brought a drastic change to the look and feel of the game night. Despite the influx of such online gaming options, several families rely on the classic card and board games. One of the greatest advantages […]

Casino Party Setup Guidelines

Entertainment takes various forms, and the one that offers the highest level of fun remains questionable even today. Casino games have always been in the top positions for a long time because millions of people around the world consider the tables and machines as their portal to escape from daily stresses. These games are being […]

Gambling Party Games that Shall Make Every Party a Hit

There is nothing like hosting a party, intimate or a large one, in your house and arranging for some fun activities that can get everyone in the party mood. And given the ongoing health crisis we are in, it is best to avoid stepping out as much as possible. But that should not impede you […]

How To Throw The Perfect Casino Themed Party

Every party has to have the most intrinsic features of superlative entertainment, mostly not present in the grand events. Themes determine the spirit of the night; so, choosing a milieu that can attract everyone equally is key to throwing the perfect party. Look past the tried and tired themes to attempt something new. A great […]

Designing a Casino Table Game that is a Worldwide Hit

Most gambling enthusiasts do not have the least bit idea about the kind of effort that goes into designing a casino game. Developing games of any sort is always a matter of a lot of efforts, technical know-how and determination. One must have brilliant ideas if he/she is to develop a game that shall become […]