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Gambling Games You can Play at Home

Gambling can be a great way to pass the time and enjoy winning. It can even be a great way to enjoy the time with family and friends by playing the same games you´d find in a casino. The best part about playing gambling games at home is that the rules of the game can be changed to your preference. This way you won´t have the worry associated with losing. However, you set up your games, the five listed below will surely keep you wanting to win big.

1. Sports Betting

Being a fan of many sports gives you many options to bet on them. If you have a group of friends who all love the same sport can be more fun and competitive.
Plus, when you make bets, the stakes can be whatever you want them to be and you can decide to play for real cash or even create circumstances for those who lose bets, such as mowing a friends yard in an embarrassing manner.
You can play off a sportsbook or make it up as you go along with the sport as you watch it on TV. The choices could be many if many sports are playing the same day so it could get very interesting.

2. Crazy Eights

The Crazy Eights card game is perfect no matter how many are around to play. It can be played with as little as two players or as many as seven. However, to experience the best results it is good to start with two players. The game begins by dealing seven cards between the two players. After dealing is complete the extra cards are what the players draw from during play. A single card is then flipped over next to the draw pile.
Each player then has to match a single card to the face-up card. if a match is not made, then the player draws an additional card and then passes their turn to the next player. If an eight is drawn or laid down it is known as a wild card and the player is able to change the suit or colour to their advantage. In order to win, a player must discard all of their cards first and have the lowest amount of points.

3. Poker

Poker is a great card game that many play on a Friday night with buddies. You can also change things up and have weekly poker games at different homes between your buddies.
The variations of poker are many and can include regular 5 card poker, Texas Hold’em, or even five or seven-card stud.
The bet amounts can be either a low minimum or high minimum by way of any denomination of coins or dollars or you can just play with gaming chips. Regardless of the type of money is used or not, there is no worry about losing a ton of money to your friends.

4. Rummy

Rummy has many variations to it and can be played with as many as 4 players for the most enjoyment or as many as 6. Rummy has been a favourite for generations and can be enjoyed where ever you desire.
The idea of Rummy is to be the one with no cards remaining. After cards are dealt, each player then sorts their hand into the same rank series or suit series. In order to obtain the needed cards, the cards are selected and discarded during each turn. The player who is able to discard their entire hand first wins.

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5. Blackjack aka 21

Blackjack is a popular casino card game that requires strategy and patience. To get started, the dealer deals out two cards. The cards can be both faces down or one is face up. The dealer´s hand will also consist of two cards with one faceup. The entire object of the game is to be as close to 21 as possible without going ¨bust¨ against the dealer.
After receiving your two cards, you will then need to add the value of the cards to determine that your hand will beat the dealer´s hand by being closest to 21.
The card values start from two and work their way to ten. Then the values increase by ten for the jack, queen, and king. For the ace, the value is counted as one or eleven.
Make sure that when you check your values to let it be known if you have 21 so that way play can stop for you and can continue for the other players, as long as the dealer does not have 21 either.
If the dealer does have a 21 also, then it is considered to be a ¨push¨ or ´´tie´´ so there is no loss of a bet.
When you reach your turn, the dealer will point to you and then you can either verbally express what you want by saying ´´pass´´ or ´´hit me´´ or swiping your hand across to signal no card or brushing your hand towards you to signal the need for another card.

6. Hearts

The hearts game is an all-time classic and has a rich history that can be dated back to 15th century France.
Gameplay begins with a minimum of 3 players but can be enjoyed more if 4 are playing. A winner is determined when a player has the lowest points.
For distribution purposes, the cards get cut in order to locate the number that is the lowest. The deck is then dealt out to the players. After all, cards are dealt, each player then selects 3 cards that will be handed to other players. The first player begins by attempting to win a trick by discarding the suits highest card. When a trick is won, the player becomes the lead. If you have a heart, then you need to wait until one has been played and a heart can only be played when a player does not have the same suit for a card. The point system is normally 100 and those with points closest to 100, lose.

7. Baccarat

This popular casino game makes for some interesting play, which is enjoyed by the advanced player willing to put more at stake. Regardless, baccarat can easily be enjoyed for home play. The object of baccarat is to decide the highest hand between a banker or a player. You can also opt for a tie if you wish. Baccarat requires a bit more experience than the average casino card game, but you won´t have to worry about it if you and your business know how to play.

Putting It All Into Perspective

When you decide to make a great evening with a few buddies on a Friday night, don´t forget to break out some cards. The card games will give anyone a fun way to enjoy time together. As you play, it is important that each player understands the rules involved in each game. Make sure that the stakes are fair for all so that players can enjoy the most fun.
No matter when you decide to play the above gambling games, the important part is to ensure that all involved will have a winning chance or at least having fun as they try.


Casino Party Rental Tips

When you plan to set up a party at your house for your friends, a lot of factors have to be considered. Theme plays the most crucial role in the spirit of a party, and without any such significant element, the night can turn out to be bland. People with different tastes might come over for the party; so, you need to incorporate fun activities that engage all guests. ‘Casino’ itself is an excellent theme with several added benefits such as food and various forms of entertainment. The theme doesn’t stick to the walls alone; the ambiance is set in such a way that everyone gets to escape into a luxurious casino. Let us look at some casino party rental tips that can help you organize all the party’s necessary items with ease.

Space for the Party

Playing your favorite games with friends should be the party’s aim, and it will surely accompany other elements such as food and other fun activities. If you want to set up a perfect party for your huge group of buddies, vast space is required. To accommodate all the guests, you will need halls in a hotel or club. If you have enough space at home, it would be great to throw one within that comfortable space. However, since the noise and crowds could disturb the neighbors, it is best to rent a huge space at a hotel or club.

On-site evaluation with a detailed floor plan of the event space has to be acquired before booking it. Make sure all guests, tables, and other equipment can fit in that hall. Hotel staff can help you with the placement of tables and slot machines. Poker, blackjack, and roulette are games with tables that will require a space of around 80 square feet per table, and for craps, each table will require 100 square feet. A slot kiosk can be used to place a slot machine, or you can simply rest it against a wall. Each machine will require about 10 square feet. So, calculate the space you have for each game and find the number of machines and tables you require.

Look for the Number of Tables

Enough game positions must be available on the table for the guests to have access to all games. The roulette tables and blackjack tables can serve around seven guests, whereas the craps table can serve up to 14 guests. Slot machines can serve only one guest at a time, meaning you will need more slot machines since they are easy to play. The number of tables and machines you require will depend on the number of guests you have and the availability of other interesting activities like foodservice, dancing, and auctions. If you are offering such extra activities, the tables could be less crowded. However, around 70% of the guests are likely to play casino games at least one time. So rent tables accordingly from the companies offering the best deals.


Apart from the hall and tables, you will need decorations and food and beverages. Check with the hotel if they are offering food services or arrange some caterer. Decorations, cards, and coins can either be bought or rented based on your propensity to throw more parties in the future.

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Casino Party Setup Guidelines

Entertainment takes various forms, and the one that offers the highest level of fun remains questionable even today. Casino games have always been in the top positions for a long time because millions of people around the world consider the tables and machines as their portal to escape from daily stresses. These games are being organized for family and corporate gatherings as well. Such events are being widely organized as fundraisers or for pure fun. Although plenty of casino parties are being held at homes and hotels, the organizers gloss over an important point.

Not many people aren’t aware that casino parties have certain guidelines that need to be followed to set up an eventful night. The questions such as “How many tables and machines can be used for our party” keep popping up on the event’s eve. In order to follow the guidelines properly, you need to the number of guests likely to come over for the game night. Here are some of the casino party setup guidelines you have to follow when organizing an event.

Space Requirements for the Game Night

A chart covering all the guidelines of a game night has been provided to check each factor. The hotels or authorities will offer on-site evaluations if the guests attending are more than 100. The hall’s space has to accommodate the tables, dealers, guests, bars, and food stalls. Having a floor plan will help you gain a better understanding of the placement of tables and machines. The staff can help you organize the event by placing the equipment in the right spot. You can expect many services from the hotel staff. For tables games like roulette, poker, and blackjack, around 80 square feet is required per table. On the other hand, a craps table will require approximately 100 square feet. Each slot machine will need around 10 square feet, and it can be placed against a wall or into a kiosk.

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Guidelines for the Number of Players

Each game will have a different set of rules to be followed. Blackjack or poker tables can accommodate only 7 players. Texas Hold’em is a poker variation, but it can have up to 9 players on the table. Roulette and money wheel also can accommodate not more than seven players. Craps are divided into two- small craps and large craps. Small craps will allow for a table of up to 10 players, whereas the large craps table can accommodate around 12-14 players.

Calculate the number of players and the space available to find the number of tables to rent. According to the previous casino nights’ organizers, around 70% of the guests will indulge in a game. The others may find their comfortable space in the dance halls, auctions, or other interactive sessions. As per the chart provided for the guidelines of setting up tables for casino nights, more than two craps and roulette tables cannot be set up for even the events with more than 270 guests. Blackjack tables, on the other hand, can range between 1-20 based on the number of guests.


Gambling Party Games that Shall Make Every Party a Hit

There is nothing like hosting a party, intimate or a large one, in your house and arranging for some fun activities that can get everyone in the party mood. And given the ongoing health crisis we are in, it is best to avoid stepping out as much as possible. But that should not impede you from having fun, right? Thus, to help you with hosting your house party and make it more fun, here are a few gambling party games that can infuse your party with excitement and fun galore. Gambling is fun, and when you indulge in these activities with your friends and family, the fun only doubles. Therefore, without any further ado, let us see which games could make your party an instant hit.

Chase the Ace:

A classic gambling party game, Chase the Ace shall not disappoint your people in any way. It involves the use of cards and is pretty simple compared to the other games. The moot point of the game is to not end up with a card that has the lowest value. You can either hold on to your card or trade it with the person seated next to you for a shot at acquiring a high card. This game is ideal to play with friends and family, and you can also involve kids without any risk.


Shot Roulette:

Another classic game, Shot Roulette, it has been around the corner since ages. The game is pretty fun and safe to play with family and friends. However, be careful not to include your kids in the game since it involves the consumption of alcohol. There is nothing to lose here except, maybe, a little bit of self-control. But it is a party we are talking about, and a little bit fun is mandatory. All you need to do is spin the roulette wheel and drink the kind of shot that the number denotes.

Chili Craps:

The next game that we have on our list is Chili Craps. Chili Craps is similar to Shot Roulette except that this one involves a dice and the standard rules of Craps. In fact, if you are in the mood for some fun, you can also make your friends and close family members bite on some spicy chili with the shot they take. It shall lighten the mood and add more excitement to the party.


Finally, Choco Blackjack:

The last game that we have on the list is Choco Blackjack. Choco Blackjack, as we can tell from the name itself, is a game that involves chocolates. And that is what makes it so interesting. You can easily get your kids to take part in this game. Plus, since blackjack involves a lot of counting and numbers, it can help your child with counting and reward them with sweets as well.

Thus, these were some of our favorite picks for a house party. Feel free to add more to the list, or stick to the ones we mentioned. The final call is yours.


How To Throw The Perfect Casino Themed Party

Every party has to have the most intrinsic features of superlative entertainment, mostly not present in the grand events. Themes determine the spirit of the night; so, choosing a milieu that can attract everyone equally is key to throwing the perfect party. Look past the tried and tired themes to attempt something new. A great party scene could be created with the theme of a casino. Visiting a casino used to be the only possible way of indulging in a game. You can set up the perfect casino-themed party atmosphere by yourself. Let us look at some of the most important elements in throwing the perfect casino-themed party.

Games for the Night

Make wise choices with the games because not everyone might enjoy the unconventional options. Keeping it simple will surely add a light feeling to the aroma of fun wafting from the cards and tables. No guests would want to spend time learning a long list of complicated instructions before a game. Amidst the peak of bliss and fun, the last thing they want the plight of having to learn the rules to an uninteresting game; so, make sure to choose a game everyone can enjoy. Casino classics like poker, roulette, or blackjack are highly recommended options to consider for the party.


No expensive equipment is required to set up these games. A tabletop and cover can be bought for under $40. Handing out a hand-rank sheet before a session of poker can help the newbies learn the basics of the game before taking the seat. Hiring someone to be the game dealer will provide you with enough time to spend with your friends and enjoy the game yourself. Use chips of not more than three colors because it can be hard to keep track of.

Decorations for the Party

Setting up a mini red carpet will surely give your guests the feel of the grand entry. Everyone will thoroughly enjoy this opportunity to walk into a party in panache. All casino-themed parties should consist of a red carpet, without which the first impression would be quite bland. Some velvet rope and a piece of the red carpet will give the guests the ideal entry. Placing fake trees on either side of the walkway can give a closed avenue effect.


Doors of Cards

Every element of your house must be welcoming enough to every guest so that everyone feels like they are visiting a casino. Cutting out one big spade, heart, or diamond shape and two smaller ones to position them on your door like in a card will suck every guest into the casino-themed party’s milieu.

Food and Beverages

The most crucial point to bear in mind is that you must serve the guests with finger food. As they will be busy with their hands, some tiny snacks or food that aren’t too greasy will be ideal. Adding more oil to the food will leave your coins and cards all tacky. If you want to add more layers to the casino theme, serve food in red, black, and white.


What to Wear and Not to Wear for a Casino Themed House Party?

Who doesn’t like a party? It is time to get lost with your mate and indulge in some of the best games and have lots of fun. But, what if your friend has hosted a party and has told you to dress up? If you are confused about what to wear to casino themed house party, worry not for we are here to help you out. It might be very difficult for you to choose the accurate attire and get dressed. You can wear anything, but not flip flops and baggy jeans. Without much ado, let us go straight into the article.

Las Vegas Attire

Not only because Las Vegas is known to give birth to some of the best casinos, why not bring some Las Vegas-style into your casino themed party? It is often appreciated to look and travel back to the roots to get hold of what was the “Wow Factor” back then. You can dress up as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Phantom of The Opera, and Cirque de Soleil pointing out the famous people and Acts when you go for a casino themed party. You can also dress up to show history. For this, you may consider The Wild West and 1930s Gangster. Since there are many types of casinos found in Las Vegas, the brainstorm ideas of what to wear when you attend a Las Vegas casino theme party can be very feasible, affordable, and yet classy!

Las Vegas Attire

Relaxed Classy Casino Style Party

What if your friend is inviting to a casino themed party but not specifically mentioned anything about attire? This is where the relaxing casino clothing line pops up. Be very clear and crisp when it comes to hosting or joining such a party. Be sure not to over wear or under wear. You may consider fancy dresses with glitters and sequences, long frocks with an elegant touch of classy jackets, ballet flats with the color dress. You can consider collar shirts with Khaki jeans, solid color shirts and jeans, minimal hairstyles, and you can also consider going with heavy chains with dollar signs. If you don’t want to be a piece to laugh, consider wearing strapless dresses, too many glitters, flip flops, stilettos, and even messy hairstyle.


Casino and casino themed party is not news to us. It is often difficult to keep the dress code to a minimum while hosting a party. Casino brings lots of customs and cultures together, and so the idea for a party is not void. Whatever dresses you choose to wear for a casino themed party, always make sure to wear that is comfortable, easy to handle, and maintain because it is a night party where you get to hang out with friends and spend time gambling and have a lot of fun.